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    Quality CUSTOM

    Precision Optics


    Our History

    In 1944, Joseph Roland Cumberland opened Cumberland Optical Company in Silver Spring, MD, after training in his craft at the Washington Navy Yard. In the years following, the company expanded, became J.R. Cumberland Incorporated, and moved to its current location in Marlow Heights, MD. In 1959, J.R. Cumberland Inc. began a collaboration with Questar Telescopes that continues today. Roland's sons Stephen and Dwight Cumberland became owners of the company upon his retirement in 1997. In 2015, 30-year employees Robert Kautz and William Greening took over as owners, and continue the legacy of Roland's and his sons' dedication to providing reliable service and products to their clients. 

    Our Mission

    Every order is different-- it's our job to understand your specific idea for a product and make what you need. Since 1944, J.R. Cumberland has provided our clients with exceptional custom optics, offering a small business experience with close collaboration to make sure we get it right. Our dedicated opticians have decades of experience, and we offer a variety of materials and services to fit a range of specifications. 

    Let Cumberland Quality go to work for you!



    We custom make all of our products to order. Please contact us to discuss your project! Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

    • Lenses

    • Prisms

    • Mirrors

    • Flats

    • Wedges

    • Coatings

    • Test Plates

    • Beam Splitters

    • Optics for Telescopes

    • Prototypes

    • Laser Optics

    • Optical Systems

    • Wind Tunnel Optics

    • Catadioptric Systems

    • Optical glass

    • Fused silica

    • Calcium fluoride

    • Germanium

    • Zinc selenide

    • Zinc sulfide

    • Barium fluoride

    • Chalcogenide

    • Nd filter glass

    • Spinel

    • Low carbon steel

    • Aluminum

    • Zerodur

    • Monochrystaline silicon

    • Stainless steel





    • NASA

    • Naval Research Laboratory 

    • Lockheed Martin

    • Northrop Grumman

    • Sigma Space

    • Duracell

    • Seabird Systems

    • FOSS Analytics

    • II-VI Inc.



    For any inquiries, questions or quotes, please call: (301) 423-8857 or fill out the following form

    Where to Find Us

    4505 Beech Road

    Marlow Heights, MD 20748

    How to Reach Us

    Phone: (301) 423-8857

    Fax: (301) 894-6806

    Email: infojrc@cumberlandoptical.com